2015 NorthLegal Advanced Bankruptcy Conference: Conference Details

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About the Advanced Bankruptcy Conference

The purpose of the NorthLegal Advanced Bankruptcy Conference is to help those who already have a firm understanding of consumer bankruptcy law to move to "the next level," both by exploring more complex rules and by applying and testing their knowledge against real life situations.

The Advanced Bankruptcy Conference will differ from the main NorthLegal Bankruptcy Conference in that—

NOTE: This program is still evolving. Check back for information about this program and about how it will compare to the NorthLegal Bankruptcy Conference.


Monday (9/14) 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Lunch included
Tuesday (9/15) 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Lunch on your own
Wednesday (9/16) 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Lunch on your own

Registration Fee

Until July 26, 2015, the early registration fee is $875.00. From July 27 until August 21, 2015, the registration fee will be $950.00. Registrations received after August 21 will be accepted at the rate of $1,025.00.

To register, click here.


The NorthLegal Advanced Bankruptcy Conference was developed for those who have already attended the main NorthLegal Bankruptcy Conference on multiple occasions and who are ready for more detailed information. Attendance at the Bankruptcy Conference first, at least once (but preferably more than once) is strongly encouraged even for those with significant bankruptcy experience. Sometimes those who have learned "on the job" find they have been taught errors or have not be taught key basic rules. The NorthLegal Bankruptcy Conference will help with that and will provide a firm foundation upon which the Advanced Bankruptcy Conference can build.

Nevertheless, those with at least five years of recent experience handling consumer bankruptcy matters in a financial institution, law office, or trustee's office environment are also welcome to attend the NorthLegal Advanced Bankruptcy Conference.

All participants must be employees of consumer lending institutions such as banks, credit unions or automobile finance lenders, or financial institution agents such as attorneys or collection agencies.

Topics Covered

The Advanced Bankruptcy Conference is not intended to present totally different information from the main NorthLegal Bankruptcy Conference. The main Bankruptcy Conference presents advanced bankruptcy material too. However, while the Bankruptcy Conference begins on the first day at a very basic level and does not get to advanced material until the second or third day, the Advanced Conference assumes participants have a strong combination of training and hands-on experience and builds on that foundation. General subjects such as the automatic stay and the discharge injunction are still discussed, but the emphasis is on more challenging application of those rules.

A strict scheduled "agenda" is not available in advance of the program, because the speaker believes participants benefit from the ability to cover some topics as they arise. However, the following topics, among others, will be covered in detail during the three-and-a-half day conference:

» Debtor Protection During and After Bankruptcy

» Handling Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases

» Handling Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases

» Advanced and Controversial Issues

Course Materials

Each participant will receive extensive handout materials that outline, discuss, and analyze bankruptcy law as it pertains to consumer lending. Although these course materials are not intended to serve as a "stand alone book" (in fact, they are not sold to those who do not attend the conference), many conference participants have told us they use the course materials as a reference guide to assist them in handling cases throughout the year.


The primary speaker for the conference is Eric North. Eric is a practicing attorney who has devoted his legal practice to representing the interests of consumer lending institutions for more than twenty-five years.

Prior to beginning the practice of law, Eric worked within various financial institutions in lending, collections, and operations departments, and managed several of those institutions. This experience allows Eric to bring practical, as well as "legal" information to those who attend his programs.

In addition to practicing law, Eric dedicates a significant portion of his time each year to the training of hundreds of consumer credit professionals throughout the United States through local programs presented on behalf of dozens of state and national trade associations, through monthly NorthLegal Webinars, and through the annual NorthLegal Bankruptcy Conference.

It is anticipated there may be one or more guest speakers at the conference, although that is not for certain. Further information will be posted here as it becomes available.