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Denial of Credit Union Services

A NorthLegal Webinar presented April 21, 2022
Duration: 2:00 hours:minutes (including Q&A)

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Must a credit union make all of its services available to all of its members? May it offer certain services to some members but not to others? Does the decision have to turn on whether or not the member "caused a loss?"  Does it matter which services are being denied?

Several years ago, a large credit union agreed to pay tens of millions of dollars as part of a consent order with the CFPB based in part on the credit union's denial of services policy. Why? What did they do wrong? Is your credit union making the same mistakes? Was it the CFPB's position that services may not be denied?

There are lessons to be learned from the CFPB consent order—important lessons—and it should not be disregarded. But there are also misunderstandings. In order to learn the right lessons your credit union must know what the consent order said, what it didn't say, and how it applies to you.

During this webinar, attorney Eric North talks with participants about "denial of services" laws, court decisions and policies. Topics will include:


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Speaker: Eric North

Eric North, the primary speaker at the programs listed on this site, has represented the interests of credit unions and other financial institutions as an attorney with respect to litigation, compliance, governance, bankruptcy and collections matters since 1984. Eric has appeared in state and federal courts throughout the State of California, and has argued before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

Eric is also a nationally recognized speaker on legal issues relating to consumer lending institutions, and has presented hundreds of programs on behalf of national, state and local leagues and associations from around the country.

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