The California Repossessions Law and Procedures Guide
Third Edition (with Forms)
(Revised 1/20/2023)


$895.00 until January 31, 2023
($995.00 beginning February 1, 2023)

The California Repossessions Law and Procedures Guide, Third Edition,* provides consumer lenders** with practical information about how to comply with California state laws relating to automobile repossessions and repossession sales. Among other things, the "Repo Guide" includes the following sample forms:***

Dates of Availability

The new forms are now available in fillable PDF and in Word and will be emailed to purchasers in the order payment is received. (Fillable Word documents are planned for the near future, but not promised as part of the sale.) Payment information is below.

The updated Repo Guide is expected to be available by the end of February 2023. A decision has not yet been made as to whether it will be provided in three-ring binder, bound volume, or digital form. Placing an order indicates acceptance of any of those. (If that is an issue, check back periodically until the format has been decided.)

Free Web Conference

A live web conference will be held on January 26 to discuss (1) the changes that have been made to the forms, (2) how to complete the forms, (3) any issues users are having with the forms, and, time permitting, (4) any California repossession-related questions attendees may have. The web conference will be free for, and only available to, those who have purchased the new forms.



* The Second Edition of the Repo Guide and its included forms no longer comply with or adequately explain California law after 12/31/2022. As a result, those items are no longer available after that date and NorthLegal no longer recommends their use.

** This manual is only available to consumer lending institutions, and the law firms who represent them (and, even then, at the discretion of the publisher).  It is not intended for consumer use.

*** Forms that are not promised to be "fillable" may still be provided in fillable form, but no promise can be made at this time. If this is an issue, check back periodically.